Bucket List

January 19th, 2016


Bucket List


A bucket list is neither something odd nor something you have to be afraid of. It is nothing more than a list that says 'I am here right now and this list shows what I still want to do, have or experience'.


1. Give a kitten and a puppy a home.


2. Lay out a Zen garden.


3. Founding an animal sanctuary, especially for baby animals.


4. Experiencing an Indian Summer in Maine.


5. Spend a vacation in a beach house in Cape Cod.


6. Utilizing a Lamborghini Murcielago to capacity.


7. Having my hand tattooed.


8. Walking over a red carpet in a very special dress and go dancing afterwards. *only for insider ;)*


9. Spending the autumn of my life in a house near the sea.


10. Throwing an Absinthe Black Head party.


11. Sending up a sky lantern.


12. Dancing a waltz in THAT Sissi dress.


13. Dine in the 100 Century Avenue Restaurant, Park Hyatt, Shanghai.


14. Experience the Marine Habitat at the Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.


15. Meeting the Dalai Lama for one question.


16. Being locked in a Starbucks overnight & taste everything from the menu for free.


17. Getting a hug once again.


18. Not having to spend the last months alone.


And 2 things I cannot write down here ;)