November 22nd, 2017


Weight loss without dieting

The „miracle“ of losing weight until reaching your personal feel-good weight

with only changing some of your habits


Of course, there is no miracle here, more an understanding of our times and what causes almost anybody to gain weight when not on constant watch.


Let us go back in time to understand why nowadays more people have problems with their body weight than they had back then – whenever back then is timed.

People back then used to move way more than we do today. That doesn’t mean they worked more than we do today, no, the opposite, but they used to WALK more than we do today. Today almost anything is within reach. We have Smartphones instead of going out and meeting people, we write short messages instead of walking letters to the post office, we drive to the next corner instead of walking and even our homes get smarter every month to that point that we don’t even get up to turn out the light as we are having an Alice, Siri or whatever it is called to tell it to do it for us. To compensate the loss of moving our body, we go to gyms with personal trainers who tell us what we have to do, to work-out, but most of the time, we are just too tired to do anything because we are not having a 9 to 5 office job, but a 6 to 10 one.

To stop the weight gaining, we diet on an almost constant base only to find out that soon we are low on vitamins and needed ingredients to do out body good resulting in getting even more tired and looking like 40 something at an age of 20.


So, we are the problem. Not the all-availability of food high on fat, sugar and carbs. However, our body was never made to live without fat, sugar or carbs and above all not without proteins from meat or animal products. I highly appreciate all human beings trying to be good to animals and caring for their lives, but do you really want to tell me that you think you know better than whatever give us our lives? If nature had wanted us to eat no meat, we would not eat meat. If nature had wanted us to be vegans, we all would be vegans. We were not born this way and if all the money spent for meat substitutes and substitutes for animal products and dietary supplements would go into some animal shelter, it would be of more use for an animal than the way we live it out today.

Don’t get me wrong, no offense here! You can live your life however you want, but think first. I mean, there are burger substitutes with meat taste for those who don’t want to eat meat and millions are invested to make this substitute taste like real meat. Really??


This said, first of all we have to accept two things:

1. We don’t live in “back then”-times so why do we try to follow back then nutrition rules and diets?

2. Everyone is an individual with individual preferences, likes, dislikes, look and needs. Following this thought, there can’t be one diet that fits all.


Now, what I never understood is: Why on earth do we cling to dusty rules like fast-food is bad, no lemonade with a lot of sugar to drink and no sweets allowed? We all know that you gonna look like a well-stuffed burger yourself when you eat ‘em seven days a week three times a day for months. The questions is: Is there really anyone doing this in our times? And the answer is: probably not because after three weeks in a row, you don’t want to even look at a burger anymore. However, maybe it is the bag of chips we eat every week because we are just too tired to cook for ourselves or maybe it is the convenience food we just have to put into the microwave for a minute.


And exactly here, the miracle of weight loss without dieting starts:



You do not have to write everything down, cause I think you know for sure where especially your problem starts. Is it the fat intake that has exceeded a certain level? Is it the too tired to cook for yourself problem? Maybe the alcohol you need to relax in the evening? Or the many pizzas and pastas to make you feel good?

If you are honest to yourself, you don’t need more time than a usual week to find out, why you gain those tiny little pounds on a constant base. If you can’t figure it out cause you think you’re doing okay, be assured: there is a problem. In fact, there are two, but let’s stay here with the first one. It is very easy: If you don’t eat more than your body needs to stay in a healthy, workable state, you do not gain weight! Fact! (Except you have an illness, but I hope that is checked before.)


The really good news is, you do not have to change as much as you fear and it does not always have to do with denial, but more with exchange. You are too tired to cook yourself after work, for example, so the pizza, pasta, Mexican food or burger deliverer is your best friend? Okay, I can understand you, but maybe next time you try to find something on the menu that is not loaded with a fat bomb like cheese, but maybe with just vegetables?

You need your bag of chips every evening to calm down? Fine, but try oven-baked once in a while or what about vegetable chips?

Maybe you are a good eater and only feel alive when you need the really huge plate to send your brain the message: enough food to feel good? Perfect! Try to load the plate bottom with salad leaves and put the “real” dish on top.


These are only a very few examples that should show you at least two things:

1. You don’t need to sacrifice anything.

2. KNOW what you eat!


Let me take you a bit to my own experience here.

When I started this nutrition, I started with analyzing all the recipes at hand I cooked on a constant basis. I saw that almost all of them contained a really lot of fat due to their ingredients, so I took one recipe at a time and worked on it. At first I found out the calories, vitamins and other ingredients and then I exchanged the fat deliverer in the recipe. I set the goal to find out the best exchange for any fatty ingredient, but with the same good taste and consistency. Usually I found it out very quickly and I could at least cut off half of the calories of every recipe.

There was only one type of recipes where this never worked out and those were the ones where you need cheese to gratinate them. Here I have to say, I am sorry! There is no real alternative for this. I tried really a lot, but it was never the same. It either did not melt or tasted like rubber or both. So, those where the dishes I had to skip or enjoy, but only on a low basis.


Depending on how many recipes you cook on a daily basis, this can take some time, but believe me, it is worth it!


Let’s get to the next step:



And I really mean it! Move your body as often as you can, as long as you can. It is really the typical: Do I take the stairs or the elevator problem? Every step is more than nothing. You can’t afford a gym no matter why? Good, me too, but I can walk instead of getting moved to the place I want. You don’t have to run the next marathon, but just be a little more attentive on your usual day. Where are you being moved instead of moving yourself? Do you roll with your chair to the cupboard or do you get up and walk? Do you spend your break inside at your desk or do you get up? Do you have all the things you need at reach in the evening or do you get up and get them when you need them?

You think that is silly? It is not! If you count all those steps together, you can do, but you don’t for a whole week, you can easily add about 2000 steps a day, that is 14000 a week. Still think it is silly?


The last step of this miracle weight loss is the most difficult one:



Until now, I was not able to find only one person who had no dangerous ingredient in their daily nutrition. I admit, for me it is chocolate or better to say, the cocoa butter inside it. I hardly can live without and when there is one thing, I can’t resist to buy it is chocolate. It is the one thing you can not leave the supermarket without buying it, the one thing you really crave when you are on a normal diet, that thing you would miss the most on a lonely island when all food is present, but this is not. The bad news is: It can be anything! The good news is, usually you can identify it very easily.

The problem I never understood for me was: I was able to drink hot chocolate without graving more, but no candy bar without wanting to have more. I was able to eat my self-made chocolate cookies, but not the one with the chocolate chunks from the supermarket.

I analyzed the ingredients and found out that all that made me crave for more had cocoa butter in it. And this made me want more and more. I set myself on a no chocolate plan and it took me exactly 4 weeks (nobody wanted to know me after week 2) until the craving ended. I just needed no chocolate anymore and felt free to do my supermarket shopping without even thinking about buying chocolate. I skipped this nono only ones and I was on it again. Like a real addiction. It worked every time I got back to my no cocoa butter as ingredient in anything.

Even if identifying is easy, the skipping part is not. This is denial, this is sacrificing.



Let’s come to what it brought me. And this is kind of a miracle because after only 1 months following my very own recipes with exchanged ingredients, moving more, but no sports, just walking more and forbidding me my nono, I lost 15 kilos, almost 30 pounds. Of course, I have to say, that I am overweight and here, I guess, it is a lot easier to SEE how much you lost, but I am pretty sure that it works with any body appearance, no matter of overweight or just a bit rounder.



To not get you into the illusional state here: The steps above will bring you to your feel-good weight when you are healthy. Stay away from this if you have an illness or if you are in a bad health state. It should not be taken in exchange for a doctor consultation when you are figuring out that you gain weight without doing anything wrong. There are a lot of illnesses that come with gaining weight, also special pills can make you gain weight. All of this belongs into doctors hands, not into your own.

Plus: If you are a size 32 (size 1) and you wanna be a size 30 (size 0), I am pretty sure all of the above won’t worked either because no grown-up woman’s feel-good weight is size 32!

The feel-good weight is the weight where you look like it is meant to be and where your body feels at a healthy state. It is what nature wanted you to look, not what our society implies you to look.


This said, if you have any questions or if you need help: please feel free to contact me via the contact form. I'll reply asap.