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"Croke Park, 20th June 2015"


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November 15, 2015

You got scripteative!

The 12 most favorite Script songs out of 4 albums


  1. If You Could See Me Now
  2. The Man Who Can't Be Moved
  3. Man on a Wire
  4. Hall Of Fame
  5. Superheroes
  6. Paint the Town Green
  7. The Energy Never Dies
  8. It's Not Right for You
  9. Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"
  10. Breakeven
  11. No Good in Goodbye
  12. Flares


June 02, 2015


Some music reviews are like fries + double mayo with fried onion rings -» hard to digest and then you get the shits


The German rags almost complaining The Script only having few fans in Germany and not being a real big seller, but at the same time promoting upcoming gigs among others being a "musical highlight". What’s with this intended ambiguity? Is it that their songs don’t get enough air time on the radio day in and out? Possible. Is it that reviews read as follows "No Sound Without Silence is a convincing fourth album of The Script that leads the band, however, once more into direction mainstream pop. Less and less experimental and beat-heavy as any former album although more pleasing and more in harmony." And, you ask yourself if this now was a collective kick in the butt or a non-committal Bravo? Probably both. Rather likely the international critics bear part of the blame. Again, they are criticizing the band so not being authentic as in the past and the fourth album not even getting close to the "damn near perfect album" Science & Faith. Labeling the guys songwriter and no performers is probably even less helpful as to insist that the album leads them two steps back than one step forward.


Maybe it would be a great idea, if the allegedly few German fans cause the media headaches, to let the music speak for itself and stay away from labeling everyone and everything. Every album is a single work and it should have the right to be seen as this.

The Script: UK part of the tour

This is the UK part of the tour starting on February 19th in Glasgow and ending on March 14th in London.

January 29, 2015


The silence is over -

Upcoming gigs in South Africa and the UK


The first fans who are looking forward to the three Irish guys are those in South Africa. With three concerts they’re going to rock Johannesburg and Cape Town among others before they start their tour through the UK. Have fun!


January 22, 2015

No love from the critics for the No Sound Without Silence album not even from their home country


I hardly ever felt so sad and angry at the same time when reading album reviews. Everybody's aware that album reviews and the music industry are a strange thing. Sometimes the reviews are annoying, sometimes downright hilarious and way too often just mean and lacking any substance. Rarely, I have seen one of every mentioned kind combined like in the case of No Sound Without Silence.


When I read the reviews, among these reviews from an Irish newspaper, a Dubliner broadcasting station and a UK media website, I could hardly believe that the reviewers had really listened to the album they were reviewing. What I found astonishing was the undertone that showed through between the lines. How one is able to combine a kind of compelled admiration and hearty disgust to one single nuance is just as unbelievable as outrageous. Just as declaring Danny O’Donoghue on the one hand 'up-beat and charismatic' and then labeling the tracks 'sick, perverted elevator music'. *Honey, I dunno what elevators ya riding, but ya havin' my deepest sympathy!*


Still pondering how Without Those Songs show up The Scripts' 'own shortcomings' and 'sheer self-believe', it felt almost like a relief to see their home country's newspaper throwing them a 3 of 5. Only to promptly swallow up that the 'Irish Maroon 5' and Coldplay plus U2 teaming up in one article. What the … oh yeah, now I see … Superheroes is a 'rearranged Paradise'. NOW I get … the total ignorance of the fact being in this business for years and not giving up or should I better say in?

And yes, I bet the guys are openly comfortable, but not under some 'misguided delusion', but with a comforting sound in Superheroes. A sound that made me smile when I actually felt like crying because life is neither fair to all of us nor remarkably nice. A faint smile before diving back into the dark shadows of what had once been a life.


I'm not sure if the band lets the listener into their soul, but what I know is that this is an exaggerated demand without any base. I am sure that No Sound Without Silence is quite a piece. Something that is worth listening to. Something for the first time in years that made friends and fellows not run away when it comes to my music taste. *Okay, Ja Rule and DMX, heavy pieces, but LL Cool J, I mean C'mon!* Anyway, this album was the first in years we all were able to agree on when it came to the question of what to listen to.


When thinking about the title itself then something tells me that there is a deeper meaning, no matter if purposefully or not. And sometimes I think it would be better to silence instead of judging sound because this is not what it is meant for.


In the few months I own a copy of this album I already had three really … let’s call it magic moments with the sound of this album and this is enough to be totally convinced that these guys did it right. And now there is silence … because only after silencing you can hear the heartbeat of the deep feelings in yourself and others and only then you are able to understand because then you start listening with your heart!

*Maybe now would be a good time to use an bronntanas chuir mé duit faoi Nollaig*


31. December 2014


The Script in Amazon charts since 120 days


SUPERHEROES is in the Amazon ranking on number 33 in the Top 100 Pop MP3 download and a total of 120 days in the charts.


29. December 2014


VIVA German Single Charts


SUPERHEROES is still on number 69 on the German Single Charts of VIVA!

Even though there's NO GOOD IN GOODBYE, it's good to hear single is out now.


The Script: No Good in Goodbye

They do not only PAINT THE TOWN GREEN and let SUPERHEROES fly, they’ll also rock Croke Park with their positive vibes.

The Script: No Sound Without Silence

Out now on ITUNES, AMAZON and more